New promo action in reward program!

Getting started has never been better!
Registered partner needs to register a sub-dealer and he / she makes an order within one month of signing up.
If a sub-contractor makes an order for more than € 20, his above-contractor earns a reasonable reward of € 15.
If a sub-contractor makes an order over € 50, his above-contractor earns a modest reward of € 35, and free coffee.
If a sub-contractor makes an order over € 100, his sub-contractor earns € 65, and two free coffees.

No partner’s own turnover is required to earn the reward. In addition to this action, the superparty receives all commissions, according to the current affiliate system.


We are pleased that you have shown interest in our company Health & Prosperity and we hope that you will choose from our products according to your taste. Take your chance to earn a second strongest commodity in the world - the coffee! Become our member and enjoy great coffee and healthy together with your friends.  


What are the possibilities of cooperation with the company?  

1. You can only be by removable for themselves at member prices. Save and in addition, to please not only themselves, but also their loved ones.  

2. You can offer products to the general public and their friends and thus raise cash by turning a difference buying and selling price is your profit. (List or the products you show to your friends, colleagues, etc.).  

3. You can search for colleagues in your team and create a network of people of whom you have passive income. All you need is 50,100 or more and 300 euros? That depends on your skill.   How to become our member?  

Membership is free, just if you accept an invitation from the sponsor, or fill in the registration box at H & P and once you become our member. You can then draw our advantage products for distributors pricing, or you can with H & P some extra income the euro extra. To buy our products for distributors pricing, it is necessary to buy once our cheapest product and - ANI Reishi instant coffee 70 grams worth 8 euros. we believe that the love invested in this symbolic price to the launching of your healthy and successful life!



Minimal monthly order






















Diamond Plus








Get a commission for each member individually, not division. If you have registered 5 people in depth and will make every order for 70 euros, you get - 25 euros.   The first 2 Position Baby and Junior getting the maximum reward. up to your order, ie -Are you make order for 50 euros, your member also for 50 euros, you have a commission from it 3 euros. -If you order you make for your 20 euros and 50 euros for a member, you get 1.5 euros commission. (For the first two positions Baby and Junior get a commission up to the amount of your order.   From the position of Senior (70 euros a private purchase) this obligation falls off, and receives a commission from whichever level. Example. You manage orders for 70 euros - Senior position and your Golden member position, so you have of him 7 euros. (No need to top up position)  


Orders over 50 euros - free shipping in Slovakia
Orders to 50 euros - shipping 2,70 € in Slovakia (GLS courier)  


Czech Republic
Shipping in the Czech Republic - is 9.15 euros

Car concept: Get your HP car. Than? Become a junior manager and VW Polo is yours. Feel free to proceed higher and higher. To Get your task just observe the points three months in a row. We pay monthly lease payment for the car. If a partner in a month will not have a sufficient number of points will have to pay the required monthly payment for the car. Failure to comply with points required to pay half of only half the lease payments. If you will have a half points below will apply the entire payment.